A Whiter Shade of Pale

Now I have you humming I hope you will be distracted from asking me what this flower is.


 I have spent hours scouring Google and pages of Flickr to find out – to no avail. I have come up nameless and will have to satisfy you and myself by saying the colour makes a perfect segue from the last blog. Today we are looking at shades of white and this is the palest of blues or purple, almost a delicate lavender. It is the tiniest flower you will see, hidden amid the grass. You wouldn’t know this unless I told you (and I am telling) but I am changing the crop on this picture. Hang on. Much better now you can see the grass and get a true idea of how tiny this flower is.

So white and shades of white. Beckee brought me some beautiful flowers and so I shall start with a couple of shots of those. They were left over from Capilano University Grad Ball which had a Great Gatsby theme and so these flowers are white.


Or at least that rose would appear white until contrasted with the gerberas. And it’s only when I focused close that I noticed the beginning decay around the edge of the rose. That’s something I’ll be coming back to.


I wish this blog had scent, and more I wish the freesia above had had the scent I remember from my youth. So many flowers today, the shop bought ones are frauds, they have no scent. I am told it is because they are hot-housed, force grown out of season. I wonder why we think having pretty flowers all year round is worth the loss of their fragrance? But no doubt we can spray something to replace what is missing…

Autumn, or Fall, is going to be a delicious time on my walks – there is a berry in my next blog but you will have to wait – blackberries, blueberries and wild strawberries, I was told there is a pear tree in the park where I was this morning and there was a pear on it last year. Add in apple trees and yum yum.


Yes, I know it’s kind of pink, but compared to the next blog it is pale so fits with my theme here. Apple blossom perhaps? So radiant in the sun.


A different aspect, the present and the future combined in one. They don’t last long, their beauty is very transient. It serves a purpose – to attract pollinators so the fruit can ripen and the species continue. I am by no means advocating that we should be beautiful just to attract a mate but perhaps realising that beauty is transient and other things have more import isn’t a bad lesson to take. 


And again from a different angle.


Hard to think those beautiful white sails are crammed into that bud on the right. Then to gradually unfurl and display uncreased and inviting.


All these flowers look perfect at first glance, but on all as I zoomed closer the imperfections become visible and in some cases overwhelming. Death, ageing, change all are perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of or afraid of. We have so much longer to live than any flower or leaf and yet the sight of a blemish or, god forbid, a spot on my cheek… time to take a lesson. The chances are that people looking at me see the whole and not the blemish – unless they have a zoom lens of course 😉

Two more delicacies for your delectation

Salal Flower

Salal Flower

I smile looking at these salal flowers, seeing the incredible beauty and craftsmanship in their existence. 



Trust me when I say this is a wintergreen. When I say I scoured, I mean I SCOURED and am still scouring to make sure I get the best info both for me – cos I am OCD, and for you – also because I am OCD. Examining the images in google search I actually think the person who named them was as frustrated as me and decided anything that didn’t fit elsewhere could be called a wintergreen. Whatever the reason, those are two modest blossoms found only because I had my eyes down at times as I walked. 

Red elderberry

Red elderberry

Elderberry blossom, I wonder which part of the tree makes the cordial, deliciously refreshing on hot summer days. I named this picture treeflower, because it does have the look of a tree but is a flower. I had to go google – here it is elderflower cordial. Will I make any? Probably not but it did remind me to pose the question. What did we do before google? What will we do if/when it goes?


What collection would be complete without a dandelion clock? Am particularly pleased with this one as the one I took a second after was blurred by the wind. I wonder how many blows to clear the head?

I took this picture of a rhododenron tree when I arrived at Warner Loats after a few weeks absence to see the park abloom. I know it is pink, and I said white but bear with me.


I took this at 11:11 am on April 29th 2014


I took this picture of the same tree at 10:48 am on May 12th 2014, less than two weeks later and the change is incredible. It is as if the colour was leeched out of the blossoms. If you don’t believe they are the same tree, I have the original uncropped pics, it is a slightly different angle but the bench is in both pictures. as is a log under the tree behind. But I wouldn’t blame you for doubting.


While I was taking close-ups of the blossoms, on a day in between the other two pictures, I got some nice shots of a wasp visiting the flowers. I am not a fan of wasps, and nice is not usually a word I would use in connection with them but I hope you agree.


Landing on the stamen wings still fluttering at top speed.  The clever flower has a series of brighter coloured dots to guide the insect down to the store.


And there he is burrowing deeper, I didn’t hang around for him to come out in case he took offence and decided some things are private. Wasps are ornery things, they sting at the least or even no provocation.

That’s all for the paler shades, next edition has bright and vibrant reds and yellows. I just want to leave you with this. I was cropping it close, when I realised it needed the background. The strength and determination of the bud needed to be seen against the green leaves, in context. 


Sometimes it is good to crop and look close-up and see the detail, but sometimes you have to step back and see the bigger picture.

Thanks for reading,

Jules xx

4 thoughts on “A Whiter Shade of Pale

  1. Gorgeous flowers, Jules! But then I think white ones are my favs. That is until I see the other colors…then their my favs, lol! I saw somewhere an App for identifying plants. It said you could upload a photo and it would identify any plant. But I don’t know what it’s called. Didn’t really pay much mind, as I have no smart phone and rarely use my table. Maybe you could look for it! British Colombia has always fascinated me – except the snow!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We don’t get much snow where I live in the Lower Mainland. It’s pretty perfect we can see the snowy mountains, drive to them in 20 minutes or go to the seaside and look at the water. It is said, though I haven’t done it, you can ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon. I’ve also only been half way north and intend to do the drive up to Alaska and across to Alberta at some point – not too far away I hope 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. I will certainly look for that app.


  2. I ought to tell you I don’t update this blog anymore, I daily write over on shiny thoughts but this one is just archive. Maybe one day I’ll post again but at this point, I just don’t have the urge. Sorry 😦


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